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Fast video indexer creates indexes by automatically capturing video screenshots
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17 April 2010

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Imagine taking the finest screen shots from the videos that you’re watching. Fast video indexer does this work for you and let you get some really amazing shots. The step- by step process is easy to execute and functions are also trouble free to use.

The software gives a very pleasant appearance and has vibrant colors on its start screen. You can download and install the software with few clicks. It will take a step by step process to extract the screen shots from the selected video. Select the folder containing the videos and the list of the videos in the middle screen. Choose the one you want to extract the shots from and the selection appears in the box below. Click ‘Next’ and you’ll get the shots from the video extracted. The next screen shows the video name and the extracting process. Then click on ‘Next’ and the details are shown with movie files, length, images, width, etc. At any time you can use to the ‘Back’ option for going to the previous stage. You can also have the videos being played by the given options on the screen. The extracted images are saved to the destination in a folder. You can choose the ones you want and delete those not required by you. It enables you to have the finest shots from the video. You can choose to enable and disable the toolbar and the status bar. There’s also a setting option given for you to make the selection according to you. You can set the start time and save time. You can enable the extraction to movie folder or a select one by your choice. You can also select the destination folder for the play list, web page and index photo generation. Software also supports a help guide that lets you to know about all the functions of the program.

The software is useful for even wedding photo album makers as they need not to captures the pictures separately. The 4 ratings that is receives from us is suitable on account of its smooth and fast working features.

Publisher's description

Capture video frames from all your movie files with ease. Fast video indexer is the video capture software that grabs screenshots from a list of video files. The captured screenshots can be saved as several jpeg images or be combined into one large jpeg collection image.
Fast video indexer can also generate html pages presenting your videos with the captured screens giving
you a quick preview of an entire video in an instant. XML files with info about the captured videos and the video frames can be saved and used as image playlists in the Inzomia image viewer or by any program that can handle xml. You can organize your video collection in projects and go back later to add more videos to the collection. From the project you can generate an brief html summary report of all captured videos in the collection linking back to your indexes. This give you a quick browsable overview of your video collection that can be viewed in any web browser.
The Fast video indexer program uses the same video decoder as windows media player, if you can view the video in windows media player Fast video indexer supports the format. All output generated by Fast video indexer can be customized by editing xslt templates.
Fast video indexer
Fast video indexer
Version 1.15
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